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WaveCalc is a software that allows you to manage
your sports and leisure equipment rental.

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Overview of the most important functions

With WaveCalc you always have an overview of the sports and leisure equipment as well as vehicles of your rental company. You can start and end the rental with just a few clicks. The price is calculated automatically. In addition, you will receive numerous statistics on how the rental business is going and which boats are particularly popular.

Price calculation

Price calculation

You can start and stop the rental with just a few clicks. The price is calculated automatically by WaveCalc. This takes into account the rate you set and the length of time you use the boat.



Would you like to know if you have rented more boats and kayaks this week than last week? Which of your devices is the most popular? You can see this and much more in the detailed statistics of WaveCalc.

Rental history

Rental history

WaveCalc provides your boat rental company with a rental history for each of your devices and vehicles. You can see when, how often, how long and from whom a boat, kayak or SUP was borrowed.


Rent out everything imaginable

Prices and tariffs

Determine prices and tariffs


Manage several locations

Tolerance times

Determine the tolerance times


Automatic documentation


Lock and release vehicles

Minimum sales

Set minimum sales

Easy to use

Easy to use interface

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On the desktop, tablet or smartphone

You think you need a computer or laptop to use WaveCalc? You thought wrong. WaveCalc works on any device that has internet access. You can manage your boat rental on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. And even on several devices at the same time!

Put an end to complicated Excel tables!

So far you have worked with Excel spreadsheets to get an overview of your boat rental? It is highly likely that this has driven you and the staff crazy many times. WaveCalc is definitely easier to use and the basic functions only take a few minutes to learn.

Who is WaveCalc for?

You ask yourself the question for whom WaveCalc is suitable? There are many possibilities for whom WaveCalc is suitable. We have listed some examples for you.

Boat rental

SUP rental

Beach baths

Kayak rental

Canoe rentals

Jet ski rental

Water sports centres

Resorts and hotels


Spas and indoor pools

Sailing schools

Diving schools

Surf schools

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